Cycling accidents are serious and potentially fatal. Whether your accident is caused by a bicycle malfunction, a collision with another person or motor vehicle, the injuries you have sustained should be taken seriously.

If you’ve been injured because of a bicycle accident, you may be eligible for financial compensation to cover lost wages from missing work, medical fees and pain and suffering. Fontanella, Benevento, Galluccio & Smith is ready to help you.

Facts About Bicycle Accidents

Wearing a helmet will not always deter injuries from happening and cyclists over the age of 17 are not required to wear a helmet in the State of New Jersey.

Bicycle accidents aren’t uncommon. In fact, the National Highway and Traffic Safety Administration reported that 52,000 bicyclist injuries were reported in 2010, along with 618 deaths. The National Safety Council estimates that more than $4 billion is spent a year on bicyclist injury and death.


If you have been injured in a bicycle accident, there are a couple different parties that could be held liable for your injuries.

If you were injured due to a motor vehicle accident, typically the vehicle’s operator could be held accountable if they are found to be at fault. This could be if the operator was under the influence of drugs or alcohol at the time of the crash, if you had the right of way during a traffic stop and they struck you, etc.

According to New Jersey state law, every bicyclist on a roadway has the same rights and duties as a motor vehicle driver.

In some instances, the state, county or town can be held liable for the accident if the accident happened as a result of a poorly maintained roadway.

Sometimes, the accident could have been due to a malfunction of the bicycle itself, in which case a case could be brought against the manufacturer.

Choosing a Bicycle Accident Lawyer in NJ

When looking for an attorney to represent you during litigation, there are a few things you should consider:

  • Experience: Has the attorney handled past cases of bicycle accidents?
  • Track record: Has the attorney been successful in past litigation over bicycle accidents?
  • Compassion: Does the attorney understand your injury and your needs? Can you rely on them to represent you both professionally and considerately?

With gas prices on the rise, bicycling stands out as a cheaper, healthier alternative to driving. However, the chance of injuries remains high due careless drivers, unsafe road conditions and manufacturer shortcuts. Having an experienced bicycle accident lawyer nizagara by your side is crucial as you begin to get your life back in order and claim the financial compensation you may be entitled to. Contact Fontanella, Benevento, Galluccio & Smith today.