A dog bite or attack is a frightening experience. It’s dangerous and more common than you think. According to the most recent data gathered by the Centers for Disease Control, 4.5 million dog bites are sustained annually. Of those, 90,000 result in injuries requiring medical assistance. These statistics also indicate children are frequently the victims.

An attack by a dog and a trip to the emergency room are traumatic enough. Add the financial burden of medical bills to the equation and the situation quickly becomes overwhelming for the victim and the family.

However, there is hope. Contacting a dog bite lawyer for a free consultation can help determine if a case can be made against the owner of the dog.

Proving Fault in New Jersey Dog Bite Cases

In the State of New Jersey, a dog owner is legally responsible for the dog’s behavior, even if the dog has never exhibited such behavior in the past. This means victims of dog bites stand a strong chance of not only being repaid money spent on medical bills, but also of receiving money for their pain and suffering.

New Jersey law stipulates several conditions which may or may not affect the degree to which a person collects a settlement in a personal injury case. When the victim is ‘unlawfully’ on the dog owner’s property during the attack, the owner may appear liable, but may not have to pay for the victim’s losses. To determine if you have a case, it’s essential that you contact our attorneys to analyze the issues.

In cases where two or more parties are accidentally involved, the victim may not collect if his or her responsibility is deemed greater than the owner’s or other party’s. Owing to these complexities, personal injury cases involving dog bites should be handled by our dedicated personal injury lawyers to maximize nizagara your settlement.

Hiring a Dog Bite Attorney in New Jersey

Concerning the matter of dog bites, liability and compensation, the most important first step is finding the right dog bite lawyer. Our attorneys are intimately familiar with New Jersey dog prednisone bite law and we have a history of excellent verdicts and settlements. We have decades of civil trial experience and more than 100 years of combined experienced.

We will also handle personal injury cases on a contingency fee basis, which means we only get paid if you win. This frees up any worries you may have about incurring more debt.

Our free consultation lifts the worry of additional expense for hiring a lawyer. If there is no recovery in a dog bite case, there is no fee charged.

The attorney will assist you in carefully navigating a personal injury case. Transparency is of utmost importance. We provide monthly progress reports about your case.

Contact Fontanella, Benevento, Galluccio & Smith for a free consultation if you or someone you know has been bitten or attacked by a dog.