Getting caught with drugs is a serious crime. Whether it is heroin, cocaine, marijuana, ecstasy or even prescription drugs, having these drugs in your possession can result in severe penalties. If you have been arrested and charged with drug possession, we want to help. Our attorneys are determined to help you. Drug possession can carry serious prison sentences, so speaking with an attorney is crucial.

Cocaine Possession

If you or a loved one is charged with possession of cocaine, the law gives you the right to present evidence to prove your innocence. With the help of an attorney, you can present a valid defense to the charge. At Fontanella, Benevento, Galluccio & Smith, we will look at the circumstances surrounding the charge and represent you in court.

Ecstasy Possession

There are a lot of legal ways to challenge evidence in your ecstasy possession charge. However, to challenge evidence in your case, you need a reputable attorney with experience fighting drug charges. Fontanella, Benevento, Galluccio & Smith will help you with your defense.

Heroin Possession

A possession of heroin charge falls under the criminal drug charge of possession of a controlled dangerous substance (CDS). Since heroin is considered a CDS, you or your loved one face stricter penalties than you would if convicted of another drug charge. Fontanella, Benevento, Galluccio & Smith is dedicated to defending you in court to help you fight this charge.

Marijuana Possession

Whether you are charged with a simple marijuana possession or nizagara a more complicated charge, you have a lot at stake. The prosecutor must prove that you are guilty of marijuana possession. However, you will need the help of an attorney. Fontanella, Benevento, Galluccio & Smith is committed to helping you.