In New Jersey, there are different requirements for a driver involved in a car accident with more than $500 in damage. For instance, if the vehicle damage is less than that amount, you could exchange names with the other driver and file a claim with your insurance company. However, a driver of a vehicle who is knowingly involved in an accident (more than $500) is responsible for reporting the accident to the local police department or closest county police office.

The state also requires a driver report the accident in a written report within 10 days of the accident. A written report means writing out a police report. The police report generally includes information such as:

  1. Date of the accident
  2. Time of the accident
  3. Cause
  4. Conditions existing at that time
  5. Drivers involved
  6. Vehicles involved

If you are accused of failing to complete the required legal task, you are charged with failure to report an accident. New Jersey has specific penalties for anyone who does not report an accident. However, you have only been charged, not convicted of the crime. Thus, you have time to prove your side of the case. Fontanella, Benevento, Galluccio & Smith will help you with your failure to report an accident charge.

Possible Penalties for Failing to Report an Accident

If you are found guilty of failure to report an accident, you are subjected to a fines as well as:

  • Up to six months in jail
  • Fines
  • Your driver’s license may be revoked or suspended

If you are also accused and convicted of concealment or destruction of evidence in a car accident, you face a fine ranging from $250 to $1,000.

A conviction of failure to report an accident does not add points to your driving record. However, you could be charged with an additional offense of leaving the scene of an accident. A knowledgeable attorney can help you if any additional charges arise. Fontanella, Benevento, Galluccio & Smith will look over the facts of the prednisone case and prove your innocence.

With a leaving the scene of an accident charge, you are accused of leaving an accident site that resulted in serious bodily injury, death or vehicle prednisone damage. This is in addition to not filing out a police report. If convicted, a possible sentence includes up to 30 days in jail and a suspended license for six months. Also, two points are placed on your driving record. If it is your second offense, the sentence includes one year in jail and possible one year suspended license.

Failure to report an accident does have serious legal consequences. Thus, you should have an experienced failure to report an accident lawyer on your side to offer advice and help. Fontanella, Benevento, Galluccio & Smith is committed to helping you with your failure to report an accident charge and any other charges you nizagara may face.